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Hey guys I'm back! Camping was fun, but I discovered that I definitely don't like hiking. And that it's hard to breath at 12,000 feet.


Teen Wolf (S4)

Nikita (S3)

Suits (S4)

Graceland (S2)


The Falconer (Elizabeth May)

The Fairest Beauty (Melanie Dickerson)


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all fall down

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Gold like the sun.

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the sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head
    the thunder of the drum dictates 
    the rhythm of the falls, 
    the number of deaths,
    the rising of the heights ahead.
    from the dawn of time to the end of days
    i will have to run away 
    i want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
    of the blood on my lips

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A weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power.

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Thor being the prettiest princess.

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you can break my soul,
take my life away,
hurt me,
kill me.

but for the love of god
don’t touch him.

[insp. x]

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Have c a r e how you speak

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we're from different worlds. maybe they're separate for a reason.

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You say “Is this a war?”
Hardly, and then you hit a wall
Honestly, you want to know but you can’t
I believe, I want to believe, in anything

Winter Bones - Stars (x)

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We got our feet on the ground and we’re burning it down.
Got our head in the clouds and we’re not coming down.

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Trust is what makes an army, not a bunch of guys running around shooting guns.

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Call it, Captain.

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Don’t waste it… don’t waste your life, Stark.

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